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Token Economy

Information on ELNA's token-based incentives and economic model.
ELNA employs a token-based incentive system and economic model to drive platform adoption, incentivize contributions, and ensure the sustainable growth of the ecosystem. The ELNA token, often referred to as "ELNA," serves as the native currency within the platform.

ELNA Token Allocation

The total supply of ELNA tokens is capped at 250,000,000, with the following allocation:
1. SNS/VC Round (25%): A portion of ELNA tokens, amounting to 62,500,000, is allocated to early investors and strategic partners who participated in the Seed and Venture Capital (VC) rounds. These tokens help fund the initial development and expansion of the platform.
2. Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) (6%): ELNA allocates 15,000,000 tokens to the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP). The LBP serves as a mechanism for establishing a fair and efficient price discovery process during the initial stages of the token's public availability.
3. Team (15%): ELNA reserves 37,500,000 tokens for the core development team. These tokens are designed to align the team's long-term interests with the project's success, ensuring their commitment to the platform's growth.
4. Airdrop (2%): ELNA allocates 5,000,000 tokens for airdrop campaigns. Airdrops are an effective way to distribute tokens to the community, raising awareness and encouraging early user engagement.
5. Rewards & Platform Incentivization (30%): ELNA earmarks 75,000,000 tokens for rewards and platform incentivization. These tokens are used to reward users, developers, and contributors who actively participate in the ELNA ecosystem. They play a crucial role in stimulating platform activity and attracting talent.
6. Treasury (22%): ELNA maintains a treasury of 55,000,000 tokens. The treasury is a strategic reserve that can be utilized for various purposes, including future development, partnerships, and initiatives that enhance the ecosystem's value.

Secondary Token: "Elixir"

In addition to the ELNA token, ELNA plans to introduce a secondary token called "Elixir." Elixir tokens will serve as utility tokens within the ELNA platform and will have specific use cases related to accessing advanced features, obtaining premium services, and participating in governance decisions.
Elixir tokens are intended to enhance the functionality of the ELNA ecosystem and provide a means for users to access specialized AI services and capabilities. This dual-token model, similar to the "Cycle" concept in the Internet Computer (ICP) ecosystem, aims to create a dynamic and versatile environment within the ELNA platform.
The introduction of Elixir tokens aligns with ELNA's vision of democratized AI and reflects its commitment to providing users with a comprehensive and user-centric experience.


ELNA's token economy plays a pivotal role in driving growth, incentivizing contributions, and ensuring the sustainability of the platform. The allocation of ELNA tokens across various categories reflects a well-balanced approach to fostering a thriving and inclusive ecosystem. The introduction of Elixir tokens further enriches the ELNA experience, empowering users to access advanced AI services and features within the platform.